About US

Escape rooms, great for:

Family, friends, co workers, date night, girls night, guys night, social gatherings, and so much more!

Our Mission

Escape rooms are our thing! We’ve taken the concept of regular escape rooms and transformed that to a outside game with the same type of gameplay, it’s tons of fun! You’ll book your game online, meet your game master at your designated meeting spot and receive a briefing on how the game works. Once that’s done you’ll get your game map and make your way to diffrient locations solving puzzles, clues, and ultimately complete your objective in 60 minutes or less.

Our History

Ingenious Escape Rooms was founded in late 2017, ever since we’ve only dreamed of expanding and sharing our amazing adventures with others. Due to covid we we moved our operations outside and it was an instant hit, we hope you’ll think the same 🙂

Contact Us

2223 East Ness Ave
Clovis , CA 93611